Full Arch Zirconia in 3 appointments

Once a patient has healed from surgery, use this protocol to finalize the full arch zirconia. Its completely modeless and very accurate.

1st visit

Scanning Procedure
Scan upper and lower with temporary prosthesis in place, capturing the bite.

Make sure you include soft tissue around the prosthesis so scans can align.

Place special scan bodies on the multi units and scan.

Ensure the triangle side is visible and clear of heme and saliva. *Powerball scan bodies showed here.

Take a high smile photo of patient.

2nd visit

Two weeks later
Try in the temporary to confirm seating, bite, and esthetics.

If no changes are needed, it’s ready for finals. If changes are needed, the patient will try it in their next visit.

3rd visit

Three weeks later
Deliver a beautiful Zirconia Smile to your happy patient!

Not using a surgical guide and prosthetic?

Ask us how we can give you a temporary, same day surgery!